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Aileen Gardner

The beach has always been in my blood. I grew up a walking distance from the Atlantic Ocean in Neponsit NY and lived there for 20+ years.  That beautiful beach was in its’ glory in all four seasons.


After graduating from George Washington University as an Art Major, my brothers convinced me that going into business was the best route to earning a living.  Sadly saying goodbye to painting, I jumped into a sales career; a successful one at that.


At the age of 52, on that New Years’ Day, I was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia -- the most deadly kind.  Having spent the next month in the hospital and the following two years in treatment, I finally got the wake-up call: Do What You Love!  


And so my journey into landscape painting began. I found and studied with Paul Bachman, an award winning Plein Air painter (https://paulbachem.com). I have Paul to thank for introducing me to oil paints and the pleasure of painting beautiful and challenging landscapes.


With a recent move from Long Island to the Palm Beaches of Florida, I have become inspired by the incredible natural bright light, tropical colors and changing hues of the waters. Once finding the Boca Museum of Art School I immediately signed up to study under Carla Golembe (http://www.carlagolembe.com/index.html) and have switched back to acrylics, my original medium. As I explore the freedom and brilliance of acrylic paints, I find there is nothing more exciting than loading up my

paint brush with all of my favorite colors and seeing what the brush can create with them!


I never knew I loved dogs until I met Spencer my only child!  We met at 13 weeks at the North Shore Animal Rescue on Long Island.  Before we moved to Florida, I had to say a very painful goodbye to my cherished pet. 

Pets leave a big hole in our hearts when they are gone. Capturing pets personalities in paint is therapeutic:)